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Since 1997 Cover Frameless Glass has installed more than 400 000m of frameless glass systems and are experts in our field.  It is a fact that all frameless glass systems will at some point in its lifetime require a service.  Unlike many other companies that install frameless systems and don’t see the necessity of disclosing this, we do not shy away from it.  Instead, we acknowledge it as a fact and have a dedicated servicing department whose entire focus is to keep your frameless glass systems in pristine condition.

We offer a 24 hour call centre and we guarantee an assessment within 24 hours of receiving your request. Frameless Glass systems are made of various moveable components and weather seals which do deteriorate over time.  Your servicing intervals can be maximised by following a few easy steps.

Keep the bottom tracks clean by regularly vacuuming it with the small nozzle of your machine. 
The wheelsets can be lubricated by applying a silicone spray to it once every 6 months (depending on usage).
Ensure that the panels are opened to 90 degrees before opening the next panel.
Ensure that the wheel is in line with the guide arm at the top before attempting to open the panel.

Your expert consultant will demonstrate all of this on completion of the installation. During the service we realign the system to compensate for any sagging which may have occurred over time in the supporting structure. A further 6 months warrantee is provided with every service that your system receives on the serviced parts. Regular servicing will always increase the lifespan of your systems and ensure reliability


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