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Terms and condition of Sale:

  • Payment requirement as follows:
  • 60 % of total contract amount as a deposit
  • 30 % of the total contract amount on the day of installation
  • 10 % of the total contract amount on completion.
  • However, should it be a building site and we are prohibited from finishing our installation, the final amount is due.
  • Should final payment not be received within 72 working hours after completion of the installation, guarantee and discounts, given on the basis of good faith, will be forfeited.

Cancellation of Order and refund Policy:

  • Should the client cancel the order for any reason whatsoever, all material that has already been bought and commissions will be deducted from the contract amount already paid to us.
  • Glass and material are ordered custom made and it cannot be used for another client.
  • An administrative fee of R5000 excluding VAT (Five Thousand Rand) and commissions will be charged on all cancellations and will be levied before the money is refunded to the client

Product Guarantee:

Please note that there is a definite difference between a Guarantee and a Warrantee.

  • Cover Frameless Glass guarantee our clients that the product supplied by us is installed free from defects
  • The glass carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage – it excludes misuse.
  • The powder coating is guaranteed for 10 years against bubbling and pealing
  • The weather-strips is guaranteed to not discolour within 12 months
  • All moving part/hardware is guaranteed for a period of:
    • Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass System 12months
    • Paragon Sliding Stacking Glass System 24 months
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed for:
    • Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass System 12 months
    • Paragon Sliding Stacking Glass System 24 months.•
  • Date of guarantee will start 72 hours after completion of the installation – provided that full payment has been received.
  • The Guarantee will no longer be in effect:
    • Failure to use the product in accordance with the instructions and specifications
    • General misuse and abuse of the product
    • There will be no guarantee if any modifications other than by Cover Frameless Glass is made to the installed product.
    • Any damage caused by fire, flood, civil disturbance or act of God.
    • There will be no guarantee until full and final payment has been received.


  • The client indemnifies Cover Frameless Glass against any damage to the client’s property due to the unintentional act of a worker.


  • Should any certification be required, a separate quote will be done for this if not explicitly asked for when the quotation is being prepared.
  • Our quotes do not include certification for the installed product as a standard item.

Lead time:

  • Installation will start 3-4 weeks after final measurements, provided that the deposit has been paid in full, contract and terms/conditions has been signed and the site is ready for the installation.
  • The lead time will be longer in the event of consistent rain. 


  • The frameless sliding stacking system is not 100 % waterproof, it is however weatherproof. According to our calculations and history, the systems is approx. 99 % weatherproof.
  • Note that it has been tested at 160 km of wind per hour, and only in severe storms might some water penetrate through to the inside of the said area.
  • In the case of a new building site, it is advised that waterproofing is done by a specialist.
  • Cover Frameless Glass cannot be held responsible for any factors that cannot be determined on final measurements e.g., but not limited to pipes, hidden cables, substandard support structures, beams, foundations and any other form of inferior structural items.
  • Note that the frameless glass systems should be the last component to be installed, however, should a client assert on a premature installation, any damage to the profiles, glass, working mechanisms etc. will be for the client’s account.
  • Kindle ensure that you read and understand your quote and what exactly is being quoted for.
  • All items stipulated on the quote, has been quoted for. In the unlikely event that the client requires any additional items pertaining to the installation, it will be quoted for separately. I.e. plastic protecting the glass when additional building work, plastering, painting etc is still outstanding around the doors, labour to re-clean after surrounding building work is completed or when the top beam is out of level by more than 25mm we would require additional cladding.
  • Site specific extras may include custom made stoppers and additional drainage – this will be communicated to the client prior to installation.
  • Cover Frameless Glass cannot be held accountable for unsatisfactory workmanship done by any subcontractors chosen by the client.
  • We request that the client familiarize him/herself with the quote and acknowledge that we do not install any additional items other than what is described on the quote.


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