Your safety should always be priority, therefore when selecting your Frameless Balustrade supplier, do consider these important facts:

  • It is the responsibility of any builder, architect or property owner to ensure the safety of anyone using the property.
  • Technical expertise is required to safely design and install Frameless Glass Balustrades.
  • It is a HIGH-RISK element in any building.
  • Cheaper designs and installation may lead to dire consequences.
  • A critical element of a pool fence is undeniably to ensure the safety of children around a pool area.
  • We guarantee that Cover Frameless Glass will never install any balustrade that does not conform to the AAAMSA standards
  • We recommend that a top hand-rail be used on all frameless glass balustrades for extra support and strength.
  • Our frameless glass balustrades meet all requirements as set out by AAAMSA, provided that it is installed with a continuous handrail.


  • The minimum height for any balustrade is 1000mm from the finished floor level (excluding pool surrounds).
  • All balustrades surrounding a pool area carries a minimum height restriction of 1200mm.
  • All pool gates need to be self-closing/locking.
  • The gaps between the glass panels may not exceed 100mm
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