Panoramic Balustrades

Welcome to the exceptional Panoramic Frameless Glass Balustrade, where sophistication meets seamless design. Crafted with precision, this balustrade system features a top or sidemounted base rail made from high-quality aluminium channel, providing the ultimate solution for clients with a taste for unobtrusive elegance.

The innovative design of our Panoramic Frameless Glass Balustrades incorporates hidden clamping brackets within the base rail, allowing for individual adjustment of panels, ensuring a flawless alignment that elevates the aesthetics of any space. Say goodbye to the hassle of grouting, as this system is dry glazed, offering a clean and hassle-free installation process.

One of the standout features of our balustrade system is its adaptability. In select applications, it can be installed without a handrail, creating a sleek and modern look that emphasizes the surrounding environment. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces, where style, safety, and functionality converge seamlessly.

Indulge in the beauty of transparency without compromising on durability. Our Panoramic Frameless Glass Balustrades not only provide an unobstructed view but also guarantee sturdiness and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for any architectural project. Elevate your space with our frameless glass balustrades, where sophistication and modernity blend effortlessly to create a visual masterpiece. Experience the epitome of architectural elegance – choose our Panoramic Frameless Glass Balustrades for a touch of refinement that lasts a lifetime.


Toughened Glass Safety Barrier

Tested and Certified safe to use Stainless Steel Hardware

Structural Engineer Certificate available on request

Little to no maintenance required

Custom made and manufactured in South Africa


Customized Security: Choose Between 12mm, 15mm, or Laminated Toughened Safety Glass Options

Refined Aesthetics: Personalize Your Space with Tailored Elegance through Clipover or Standoff Handrail Options

Elevated Support: Top-Mounted Aluminum Powder-Coated Base Channel Providing Continuous Glass SupporT

Crafted to Perfection: Tailored Excellence in Custom-Made Glass Balustrades, Templated to Perfectly Suit Your Design

Regulation-Compliant Gaps: Ensuring Safety with 20mm to 100mm Gaps Between Panels

Certified Peace of Mind: Engineer Certificate Available Upon Request

Installation configuration


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