Benefits Of Frameless Glass Sliding Stacking Doors

Frameless glass doors are becoming more and more popular because of its aesthetic appeal and it allows for an easy flow from indoor to outdoor living. The most important thing about frameless glass doors is that there are many benefits to using this option when deciding on the design of your home or if you are looking at renovating your current home.

The major advantage of a frameless sliding stacking glass doors is that it is totally retractable which allows for indoor living to become outdoor living. It opens inwards as well as outwards and instantly adds value to your property. The frameless sliding stacking glass door system is also built to be intruder proof as it is made of toughened glass which is 5 times stronger than normal safety glass. All the components used on the frameless glass door systems are weather resistant and non corrosive and are built to last. The lock system is an imported stainless steel system with a unique key design designed to secure your frameless glass doors. The system also includes an internal bottom slide lock that inter-locks with other panels, further securing your frameless glass doors.

Something else that makes frameless sliding stacking glass doors unique is that they can be produced in any shape you can imagine. A curved line is perfect for frameless glass doors. This unique aspect makes deciding to use a frameless glass stacking system even more attractive. The design is also suitable for any curtaining or blinds.

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