What To Look Out For When Buying Frameless Sliding Stacking Doors

Once you have reached the point where you have decided that frameless sliding stacking glass doors are a good option for your home, there are a few things you should look out for when buying them.
Does your provider use toughened glass?

8mm toughened glass should be the standard glass used however 10mm can also be used with different glazing beads. 8mm toughened glass can be described as thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. For options such as bolted structural glazing and frameless glass, toughened safety glass is ideal. Toughened glass meets the safety glass requirements of the South African National Building regulations and can be obtained from accredited suppliers only.

Toughened glass is produced by heating annealed glass in a furnace to approximately 700ºC and then rapidly blowing cool air onto both surfaces. This rapid cooling process is the key element in the physical changes in annealed glass that creates toughened glass.

Toughened glass is more resistant to thermal breakage and can withstand greater wind loads as it is 500% stronger than annealed glass. It can break on severe impact or under extreme loads. When it does break it fragments into many small harmless pieces which minimises the chance of injury. Toughened glass can be used in temperature ranges of minus 70ºC to plus 300ºC.
At Cover Frameless Glass we pride ourselves in meeting the safety glass requirements of the South African National Building regulations. Our product and service to you will always be of the highest standard.

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